Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vintage Hat

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shop Sale!

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Vintage Glass Tumblers

I know I have been neglecting you, blog, but I have just been so busy. Here is a new listing to tide you over.
These gorgeous vintage glasses were made by Libbey Glass company in 1969. This is the complete set. They are part of the Crown Collection. The delicate design is a gold partridge in a gold tree with gold pears and white enamel leaves. The rims all have gold trim. Perfect for a Christmas dinner party or holiday family dinners.

There is some wear on the gold. The last photo shows the glass with the least wear on the right, and the glass with the most wear on the left. Here is a link to the original advertisement.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I updated some of my posts to make the pictures bigger, and it moved them to the front page of my blog. It also changed the date they were posted. What the hell.

This Looks Like Trouble

Dylan figured out how to pull up. We had baby proofed by putting everything out of her reach, but she can suddenly reach all of it again. I guess we will have to put it all even higher.  I know she is planning shenanigans.

Vintage Pyrex

I have been coveting these for a while. If you find some that are unusually inexpensive, let me know!

Anthropologie Love

Have I told you guys how much I LOVE Anthropologie? Here are there newest things that I'm in love with.