Saturday, May 14, 2011

Space is Rad

So I'm kind of into outer space right now. Look how awesome it is! Does anyone know any super interesting books about space phenomena that wouldn't be difficult to understand for someone whose worst subjects in school were science and math?


  1. Intro astronomy classes are generally intended for non-science majors, so the text for one of those would be understandable and informative for you. I have some edition of this one:
    It's probably a good buy for $15 new. Or you could take mine on extended loan.

    Only problem is textbooks tend to be less interesting / more tedious, but pop-science books that try to be interesting usually turn into collections of gee-golly facts that miss the beauty of the thing, IMO. A good plan might be an interesting pop-sci book and a cheap textbook to look up things you're more interested in.

  2. And you should probably add APOD to your list of interweb things to check each day -

  3. I haven't read this, but I've heard it's very good, and Krauss is a well respected physicist who I trust can be interesting without butchering the science. It's on my list -

  4. Awesome. The textbook will go on my reading list. I'm reading a book called "raising Freethinkers" now. It's really good.